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"Consumer Alert! Roof 'Boot' Leaks"
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Consumer Alert!

The Terrible Costs

The Solution

Are you at risk? Look for these signs:

  • Peeling wallpaper in kitchen or bathrooms
  • Cracked or peeling paint on walls or ceilings
  • "Puckered" shingles around vent pipes on your roof
  • Visible water marks on ceilings or walls

    But there are “hidden dangers” that you cannot see. Many leaks are not detected for months ... or even years!

    There is a potentially dangerous and costly problem with many roofs that not many homeowners are aware of. It has to do with what we call “roof boots”. Those are coverings that go over the vent pipes that stick out of your roof. And many of them have been allowing rain to leak into homes.

    Every home has plumbing vent pipes, which allow air to enter the waste line of your home’s plumbing system. This air provides needed pressure to push the waste water into the sewer system. These vent pipes always run up from a kitchen or bathroom and out through your roof.

    The problems arise when the coverings around these pipes, called “boots” or “vent pipe covers”, peel up or get shifted with the natural movements that occur on your roof from expansion and contraction. When the warm sun hits your roof, it naturally expands. When the cold winter winds and rain hit your roof, it contracts. So basically your roof “moves”. And when it moves, the roof “boots” can become loose and peel up, allowing rain to enter your home.

    Now, some roof "boots" or coverings can “move” with your roof. But not the type that most builders put on your home. In fact, the ones used on many of the homes in your neighborhood are just that … the cheap, ineffective kind. That means that it’s not a matter of if, but when, these roof “boots” fail and water starts leaking into your home.

    The builders do this because they want to keep their costs low, so they put the cheapest and most ineffective roof “boots” they can find on your roof. These cheap roof “boots” don’t hold up for very long at all. In fact, some of them even fail before the homeowner moves into their newly built home. That’s where the problems begin.

    If your roof “boot” covering fails, the rain water will leak into your home and travel along the vent pipe. This is why you might see water stains in the ceiling or walls in your kitchen or bathroom areas, which is where the vent pipe begins its journey up toward your roof. Cracked or peeling paint or wallpaper, or other visible water mark signs, indicate that you may have a leak originating from an ineffective roof “boot”. Sometimes leaks go undetected for years, building up behind ceilings or walls and soaking insulation, promoting the growth of mold and mildew which can create huge and dangerous problems for your family.